Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Things

Well I am new to this and don't have many thoughts right now, but just wanted to update a little bit on life and what has been going on. Kyle and I have now been married for a little over 3 months and we have experienced some things that we never thought would happen, but has grown us closer to God, my family and each other. On February 29,2008 my sister Katie who was pregnant and due in July went into work and started to have some pain in her stomach. She had her husband pick her up from work and bring her to the doctor. On the way to the hospital the pain began to increase and they got to the hospital and the doctor immdetiately began to hurry with the Iv and all that stuff and said the baby is coming. Katie then began to go into labor and had a baby boy, Brenham Jay, who lived for 3 minutes but the lungs were not developed enough to take a breath. He then went to be in the arms of Jesus in Heaven. I got to hold him and it was the most amazing thing. My family went through alot that weekend but had such peace knowing that Brenham Jay was in heaven.I personally had a lot of questions why something like that would happen to our family but I was always reminded that "There is a Reason", which was the song by Cademon's Call that was played at Brenham's memorial service that we had.
Thanks for reading!