Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Road Trip to Detroit, Canton and Howell

My birthday trip was so much fun. We left on Sunday June 29 ( I know almost a month ago) and we first drove to Detroit to go see the Tigers game. We get about 10 minutes away from the stadium and I was thinking about how much fun this was going to be!! Then I started to think more about the game and realized that I had forgotten the game tickets. We had gotten them in the mail about a month before the game so I just set them on the counter by our phone so I didn't have them in my purse all the time. I told Kyle that I had forgotten them and he thought I was lying to him. We get to the game and go up to the ticket counter and tell them our situation, so we had to walk to a different counter and luckily I paid Credit Card for the tickets and they could pull up our credit card number and see our ticket information!!!! Whew!

The game was fun but then it started to rain so we left at about the 6th inning and headed to our Hotel in Canton. We watched the rest of the game in our room and then we went out to go to IKEA and out to eat at Bd's Mongolian BBQ!!One of my favorites!!! Then we went to go see a movie at the local movie theater. We saw "Get Smart" which was a funny movie.

The next morning, my birthday, we left the hotel and went to Howell to go shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall. My mom, sisters, aunts and cousins were all going to go there to go shopping so we thought we might as well go to. (Sorry Kyle for being the only guy.) But we went shopping on our own and met up with them for lunch. We did some REALLY good shopping there!!

Now onto another subject.

Our Yorkie, Dawson, has been quite a handful lately. Everytime we put him in his cage, (whether it is to go to bed or go to work) he some how has unlatched the latch with his teeth and then pulls the latch to let himself out all the time. So we have a cute little puppy meeting us at the front door when we get home. So we decided to tie his leash around the cage so he couldn't get out. We thought there would be no way possibly for him to get out. We would break his neck if he tried to get out. NOPE not the case with him. He still got out no matter how tight we tied it, somehow he still got out. We were amazed at how little of space he had to get out. Finally we bought some tiny bungee cords to keep it closed, and he hasn't gotten out yet. So hopefully he doesn't find a way to get through those!

HE's getting bigger!