Saturday, March 26, 2011

1 month post

Makenna turned 1 month old on March 8.
Here is what she has been up to.
-when she turned 3 weeks old she surprised us and slept 9 hours through the night for 3 nights straight, but then it went back to 10-11sh to 4-5ish. Then after a bottle back to sleep until 7 or 8 a.m.
-has 4 oz. every 4 hours
-still wearing newborn clothes and diapers.
- weighs 9 lbs 13 oz.
-went on her first road trip to Indianapolis
-starting to give some big smiles
-loves to look around

Friday, March 18, 2011

What a week...

Makenna is 1 month old already! Seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital with her and starting our new life as a family of 3!

I plan on doing a 1 month post soon, but this week that just wasn't one of my priorities, sadly.

Makenna came down with a nasty cough last week Wednesday night, we had just gotten home from Indianapolis for a work convention and we were up several times through the night with her coughing. I took her the next morning and the doctor said it was a cold and that there wasn't anything they could give her since she is only 5 weeks old and that it would probably get worse before it got better since it just needed to take its course. She also said if she has a fever or isn't drinking her bottle well then to call .Her cough definitely was sounding worse over the next few days, which we thought, okay the doctor said it would get worse. She was feeding well, no fever and was her normal self. So, Monday morning I brought her to my Mom because I was going back to work. My Mom suggested after hearing her cough that I call the doctor's office and see if I could get her in. They really didn't have any available appts but they said they would try to squeeze me in so that I could have peace of mind that it is still just a nasty cold.
So we went to the doctor early afternoon and they checked her out and said that she wanted us to go down to the lab to get a swab for RSV/Influenza and Pertussis(Whooping Cough) as she did hear her horrible cough and heard some crackling in her lungs.(She didn't cough once at her appt on Thursday, so the doctor couldn't hear it.) She did get a breathing treatment and while the doctor was getting the lab paperwork together, Makenna had another coughing spell and she immediately turned extremely pale. They checked her oxygen level and the doctor seemed very concerned about that because it had dropped significantly from when she checked it before. She decided to send us down to the ER(thank goodness my Mom was there because I was a wreck and wanted her to call Kyle to come.) Within minutes we were put into a room and about 5 different people came in checking her vitals, getting her some oxygen, listening to her lungs. She did great through this and snoozed for about an hour. While we were there the RSV and Influenza came back negative, but the Pertussis would take a day to get back.

They decided to send us by ambulance to Helen Devos Childrens Hospital, which came as a big surprise to us because she was so content and getting back to her normal color. She did not seem like a sick baby. They felt that HDCH would be able to monitor her oxygen level better than they could. So we stayed the night at HDCH basically waiting for the results of the Pertussis and to monitor her oxygen level, which she varied from needing .08 to .2. The Pertussis came back negative on Tuesday and she was able to be off oxygen for about 4 hours in the morning. She must of been tuckered out breathing because she needed to be back on it. So, they wanted us to stay another night because she was still needing some oxygen. They tried no oxygen on Wednesday morning and was doing great without it the whole day but the doctors felt more comfortable with seeing if she could make it through the night without it. We agreed. So they didn't completely rule out RSV(because of the false negatives the rapid swab can bring), but they decided it was most likely Bronchiolits. We were discharged on Thursday morning and she is doing great and has been napping in her bouncy seat for over 2 hours.

She gave us quite a scare, but was such a trooper through the whole thing!

Breathing treatment at doctors office

Sleeping in the ER at ZCH

Happy as can be at HDCH

(She can't be sick!?!?!)