Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a few more pictures

Kalahari Resorts

Sandusky, OH
We had so much fun for our 1 year anniversary! We went to go see Four Christmases while we were in Ohio, we went shopping at the mall right down the road! We definitely would recommend it to families with children!!!

Toilet bowl ride
(Which I did not go on)


Whoo Hooo!!!This is me snow blowing the driveway on the 1st snow we got that was accumlative. Snowblowing is actually pretty fun. I usually get snow all over me because the chute is going the wrong way. OOPS!! And believe it or not I snowblowed the driveway this afternoon with all the snow we got. I know Kyle will be impressed but bummed because he probably wanted to do it. Oh well I left him the walkway to do.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Anyone want a cute puppy!?!

So this weekend, on our anniversary weekend, we decided that we are going to get rid of our puppy. I have many mixed feelings about this, but I know it is the right choice. My parents bought a cottage this past summer and we don't want to always have to come home from work and pick him up and worry about bringing him somewhere before heading out to the cottage when we are out there for the week. He is the cutest thing and has a lot of energy!!Maybe too much!!! I have to be honest right?? He is cooped up in his cage all day long while we are at work and just has not gotten the concept of peeing and pooping outside. We know this is because we are gone for 8-9 hours a day, everyday and he can't hold it, he is so stinkin small!! We also are getting rid of him because we just have so much going on in the next couple months and we don't want to always bring him to Kyle's parents and have them deal with him.
He is 9 months old and just needs a loving family with patience!!!
We paid $700 for him and got him neutered and all his shots are up to date. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for kids!!! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have you seen our wreaths??

Last week in the middle of the week we had noticed that our wreaths were gone off our outdoor lights and off of our front door. I noticed tracks in the snow up by our outdoor lights, but didn't think anything of it or notice that the wreaths were gone. I just figured it was Kyle's footprints from adjusting the lights or putting new lightbulbs in or something. Kyle then noticed that night that our wreath was gone off our front door... We couldn't believe that someone would dare to do that and this past summer we had some of our pretty flowers cut off their stems one day.The nerve of some people to come up to our house and do that. We are starting to think that this neighborhood isn't so great.

This is the wreath that was stolen off our front door. It was the first year we had it up and it has like crystaly (word?) beads on it. It was so pretty. This is the one off of Katie and Robb's house, but no worries they didn't steal it!! We bought it at the same time. The other two wreaths were just normal green wreaths didn't really care about those so much but none the less they GOT STOLEN...

Also something that went on last month was that Kyle had Salmonella Food Poisoning over Thanksgiving. He had gotten it about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving from Chinese food. Sorry to those who like Chinese food and that turned you off from it. I like it too and still eat it and actually ate it tonight!!! He was "diagnosed" with it the week of Thanksgiving, so it took him a long time to go in to the doctor to figure out that that is what it was.He just thought he had diarrhea but when it lasted for over a week, then a week and a half we started to wonder. He was then put on strong antibiotics, but those caused him to not have a very good appetite, therefore not having a normal Thanksgiving meal. It consisted of toast. He is feeling back to normal now. Thank goodness!!

This weekend we are off to Kalahari Resorts and Waterpark in Ohio for our anniversary!!!! We are so excited to go. It is a huge indoor waterpark!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some old pictures/ Pictures from Mayo

This past summer/fall, Kyle won some tickets through JQ 99 to go to the Michael W. Smith & Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Detroit. It was amazing, it was one of the first times after Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter died and he had some very powerful stories that were heard through his songs.

Michael W. Smith

Steven Curtis Chapman

Picture from Mayo

Day of surgery - 6 a.m

1st time visiting Katie

I could only stay for about 5 minutes then I was tired

Out like a light and still drugged up,
pretty much the story the whole time in the hospital.
I wasn't very good company for Kyle and my parents.
8 weeks since the transplant!!!
Paco is still working!!!
Praise GOD!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kyle and I are getting ready to get our pictures taken for our 1st Christmas Card!!! I will post pictures once we decide. In the mean time, Dawson says Merry Christmas ! :) He hates the camera. Everytime that green light goes off he quick turns his head and we miss the cute shot!!