Monday, June 24, 2013

Florida 2013

We went to Florida in May for a convention Orlando. We had a great time and the girls did awesome on the plane! It was so nice that my parents were along tooSmile 

The guys pretty much had meetings all day, so my Mom and the girls and I would usually go shopping or sit by the pool(when it wasn’t cloudy/rainy!) We were usually able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them which was so nice!!

We stayed at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes and it was perfect! It had a kiddie pool, lazy river, and playground!




Peyton’s first plane ride was a success!IMG_2418


At one of the dinners they had prime rib and Makenna stole it from Grandma’s plate! She loved it!













Family Pictures

We had Peyton’s 9 month pictures taken outside in May and we also wanted to get a few family pictures. Kelly Thomas did a great job again!! Here are some of my favorites!!!



Peyton- 9 months

Wow, where to begin! Peyton has been growing up way to fast and reached exciting milestones around the 9 month mark!  She has taken off crawling,standing up on furniture and cut her first two tooth(bottom)! She loves to wave bye-bye and jabber da-da! She is so much fun and always has big smiles except when she knows its time to eat or we're eating!! Loves to watch Tv just like her sister! Her favorites are Little Einsteins and Super Why! We are finally over the ear infections(we think) we have been to the ENT twice now with no infection so we are on a good streak! Peyton loves anything with water(baths, water table and pool)!!!! Still takes 2 naps, morning is usually 45 minutes-hour and afternoon usually 1.5-2.5 hours! And sleeps through the night about 12 hours!
She's in size 3 diapers and wears 6-12 month clothes! She weighed 19lbs (60%) and is 27.5 inches(45%) at her 9 month appt!

Other stats I missed-
6 months
15 lbs 10 oz(40%)
She also had croup when she was around 6 months...


Trying on swimsuits for Florida

 Fell asleep sitting up, Makenna used to do this a lot too when she got to the point that she realized she can sit up in her crib!!!!

Life with a busy 9 month old!!!

Love how she sleeps!!