Sunday, September 30, 2012

Peyton-1 month-September 17



Peyton turned a month old on September 17! We have been busy with two and have even gone on an overnight trip!

Peyton weighs 8 lbs 15 oz.  She is still a little peanut!

-she is in size Newborn diapers

-has 3-4 oz. about every 4 hours during the day

-since she was a few days old she has been sleeping through the night, we hope this continues!

-starting to give smiles

-loves to be swaddled for naps and nighttime

-made an overnight trip to Shipsee for Labor Day with the extended Rietman family! The girls did great! Except for the fact that Peyton had her first major blowout on Grandma Rietman!!

-loves her paci

-went to her 1st fair(Hudsonville Fair)

-has long fingers skinny fingers just like her mommy


Met your friend Asher~ they are 4 days apart


1st stroller ride



Sister love