Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

It's Katie's 24th Birthday today and I tried to hack into her blog to post this but I couldn't figure out her password! I just wanted to post a few pictures and say a few things. Katie is a year and 3 months older than I am. And I have always looked up to my older sisters for different reasons. I have always shared a lot of the same interests with Katie. Katie and I played the same sports through middle school and most of high school. We had a lot of fun practicing at home together. We played many games of PIG together. The three of us (Lisa, Katie and I) always came up with the strangest things to do. Most of them I am not going to say because they are so embarrasing. But we did random things like we acted like we were the Babysitters club, like the books. And we did gymnastics in our basement with Couches, and Couch Cushions and gave ourselves scores. We even have videos of it. I will stop so I don't embarass both of my sisters!

I'm not good with words when I write like she is , but when I think about all the things she has been through the last few years, I just think of one thing and that is how strong she has become through all of it and how proud of her I am for not losing sight of her faith.

Here are a few pictures when we were kids and one of her senior prom. They are scanned so they didn't turn out the best.

(Lisa, Me, Katie)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cutest thing I have ever seen!

Our nephew Grayden is almost 4 months now!! He is such a good boy and we love every minute we get to spend with him! We got to babysit him last week Friday and just had so much fun with him! The picture above is one of his 3 month pictures that Katie took. We definately wouldn't mind babysitting every weekend..hint...hint!

Also this past Saturday, my sister Lisa and my mom went to Michigan City for some shopping!! We did really well!!! Old Navy (Outlet) had 40% off everything plus Lisa and I had a Stuff and Save bag which was an additional 20%!! Loved it!!

This holiday weekend we are headed to Shipsee with the whole extended Rietman family. It is about 35 people. Hopefully the weather is beautiful so we can spend some time at the cottage too!!