Thursday, June 7, 2012

Makenna 12-16 months

Makenna turns 16 months old tomorrow! So before I forget all the important details I figured I should write them all down! So don't mind all the randomness!

12 month appt stats- 20 lbs 11 oz. -29 1/2 in. Both were 50% I think!
15 month appt stats- 24 lbs 5 oz. -31 in. Both were a little above 75%

Makenna started walking a few days before she was 14 months old! She just started taking off one day, none of that 2-3 step walking, it was a good 10-15 steps at a time! She just loves walking and thinks she is pretty cool stuff! This was the first day walking, we were a bit excited and so glad we got it on video!

She now has 6 teeth and she is teething right now and always has her hands in her mouth!

She signs "more and please", waves bye-bye and hi, plays patty cake and peek a boo, is starting to point to her nose, belly and mouth!

Words she says: da-da, mom, uh-oh, oh wow, yum and yay!
she jabbers constantly and expects you to understand her!

Loves to look at books, watch Boz the Bear and play outside!

-still sleeps great at night and takes 2 naps most days!


Birthday Party!

Easter 2012

iPhone pics

Oh... and Makenna is going to be a big sister!!!!

27 weeks-due August 16