Monday, April 20, 2009

Get paid to shop online!!! (No strings attached)

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy 6 month Anniversary to Paco

It has been 6 months today since the kidney transplant took place!!! Right now, 6 months ago, I believe I was in my room sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, when Katie was probably awake and playing checkers with Dad. Okay, maybe not that soon(but I don't remember). In a way I feel like the transplant was years ago because Katie is doing so well and back to her old crazy self!!I am so grateful that God gives us two kidneys and that I could share one of mine with my sister.
Ironically enough, I went to the Secretary of State today for work and it was "buddy" day there today. Which I guess is the day that they promote being an organ donor and getting your name put on the registry for organ donation. A lady was at the entrance and catching everyone that passed by and gave them a brochure and a packet of wildflowers to plant. I kindly said that I was already on the registry and that I actually donated one of my kidneys six months ago today....soooo....I didn't get any pretty flowers to plant :( LOL!!!

On another note, our basement is almost finished which has been exciting to see!! I haven't been able to do the wash though now for about 2 weeks because our washer and dryer have been unhooked because we got tile in there and was painted. Final coat was done last night so I can hopefully do the wash tonight!!!